New kid on the desk

Adobe InDesign may have some serious competition coming with the public beta of Affinity Publisher released this week.
Following the excellent Affinity Designer and Photo applications for Desktop and iPad, Publisher looks like it will be a great addition to the product line.

It is so useful the way you can jump from sketching and working on your iPad to the Mac versions of Designer and Photo with iCloud syncing, it makes for a very fast and efficient workflow.

Publisher is just as fast as Designer and Photo and has some really nice features such as the way text boxes and text styles work. Hopefully Pantone Swatches will be available by the time it is ready to launch.

Any long time Adobe Creative Cloud users (hiya!) will take a bit of time to get the hang of the different interfaces but they are definitely worth investigating . The price for one makes them an enticing toolset and Affinity applications are cross platform unlike the current UX/UI darling Sketch which is Mac only, as if thats a bad thing!

Have a look here for yourself…

Wonder when is iPad version coming ;-D

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