Cyber Essentials, has it really been a year?

Thats Cyber Essentials reviewed and renewed… Read More…

Cancer Research UK Scottish Parliament Reception


Cancer research UK Scottish Parliament Reception 2024 Read More…

Visual Scribing… What is it?


Visual scribing… what is it?

As I’m travelling a lot since the turn of the year with scribing sessions, I thought it may be useful to explain what it is I’m doing because in nearly every case the work is for internal use and therefore not shareable. Read More…

Business Cards


Found the link to a post by Justin at Fenner Paper when first run of business cards were printed… Read More…

Minimum Viable Product


In the world of business and startups, MVP stands for Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

It is a development technique that helps entrepreneurs and startups build and launch a product with minimal resources and time.

So what is an MVP, why it is important, and how to build an effective one? Read More…

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