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    Oxspring Network Solutions had a requirement for advertisement features for trade magazines. We do not have an internal marketing department so we approached CanalPath Creative for help with the design of these advertorials. Derek took the time to understand our business, the purpose of the adverts and our current branding to ensure the adverts had the impact we required.
    Richard Shelley, OxSpring Network Solutions
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    Thank you for your assistance and new theme design Edinburgh International Marketing Festival. The theme for this year is light, modern and fits well with the young people of the Polar Academy who is our partner from 2019. The way you approached the design makes it easy to have a different theme every year which is something I did not consider. It will bring a fresh new look and feel to the Festival every year. Thank you for great ideas, lots of colour, simple yet effective designs that will most definitely catch the eye of Festival goers. I look forward to working on more projects with you and will definitely recommend you to my network.
    Agnesia Agrella, Symetize
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    I asked CanalPath Creative Ltd to design a double sided A4 leaflet for a large scale mail distribution service to help promote my company. The job was done very quickly, excellent communication (any questions or alterations I wanted to make were seen to very fast), good design sense/ finished product looked very professional and the pricing is very good. The owner/designer was even happy to meet up in person to discuss things in more detail which was very important for me personally as I need to be able to trust whoever I work with and it helps me to explain exactly what I am looking for.
    Samuel Herbert, SH Property Services