Backup, backup, backup…


How many of you reading this have absolutely no backups of their precious work, photographs or music…

…nevermind just having a local copy on an external drive?

I have always been paranoid about losing files and currently have:

  • TimeMachine backup running
  • Weekly clone backup of the MacBook
  • Copy of Documents folder in iCloud
  • All work, music, photo libraries etc all on a network attached Drobo drive
  • and finally an offsite backup with Backblaze!

Even if you have one or preferably two external backups I would heartily recommend investing $60 a year in an offsite cloud backup with Backblaze.

I tried it out a year ago and was really impressed how unnoticeable it is once initial upload has completed. I have it set to constantly run and I keep checking menubar icon to see if I can catch it in action but so far without success, it just does its thing in the background without any slowdown on the Mac or the network as far as I can see.

Have a look at what they offer here, its the sort of thing I would hate to regret if a disaster happened.

You can thank me later with a beer!

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