10 things you need to know about creativity

Apologies for the ever so slightly misleading title but…

With the explosion of bloggers on virtually any subject you care to mention, it is becoming increasingly difficult to filter out what is useful and what can be blissfully ignored.

A graphic (usually not a useful infographic) to draw readers in is always a good addition.

Article titles such as ‘Essential improvements to your UX workflow’ usually get a click through followed by the disappointedly scanning quickly through after the first sentence indicates the ‘research’ has either been:

  • Does not actually deliver what the headline promised at all.
  • ‘Borrowed’ from another article recently published
  • Is so vague and lacking in any useful information
  • Is written by someone jumping on the bandwagon of current topics who has either little knowledge nor experience on the subject.

There are now so many ‘experts’ in the field (I am thinking mainly about my reading on Design and UX) who would appear to have only limited practical experience, if any at all. The quality content from renowned practitioners, who can actually pass on invaluable insights, is being lost in a sea of buzzwords and fluff.

Other articles may be headlined ‘How to design a fluid logo’ and walk the reader through the steps required to build the digital file rather than, as inferred, the process of how to approach the brief, choose colours and typeface (otherwise known as the design process).

I can only assume this proliferation of blogging will only continue to increase so filtration will become even more critical to find the gems amongst the gravel.

Oh, I almost forgot to say… welcome to our new blog!

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