Brand Investment

The most difficult project a designer usually has is how to brand themselves or their own company.

Looking at a client’s needs is usually much easier as you are more able to take a step back and view things neutrally.

Having been busy enough for the most part of the time since CanalPath was brought to life, things like stationery were always things to be done when time allowed until one day you just have to sit down and focus so that you actually have a business card you are proud to hand to someone. It is quite a contrast to updating your online presence as it can be changed relatively quickly and isn’t a physical thing.

That is the main problem, as someone who loves letterpress and tactile print, it just has to be right. Thankfully Steve at Base Print Solutions is ‘happy’ to listen to me talk about the right weight, paper stock and production processes we can use to get the right solution and finally we have done it, they have arrived!

With duplex boards so we can have each side a different colour, lovely letterpress text, debossed logo and spot UV varnishes on the back we have managed to keep the kitchen sink out of the equation… just!

It is wonderful to still have such craft still available alongside the fast and often seem as being more disposable digital print. We always did get many more positive comments in our G2G3 days when we started using letterpress and then foil on our cards.

Much as I like to look at them, the idea is to pass them on so let me know if you would like to bask in the loveliness of such print craftsmanship and I can make sure you get one and if you then want your own to have the same impact, my contact details are on the front!

Apologies if this feels more like a talk show interview plugging a new book or movie rather than my usual blog post, normal service will be resumed next time.

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