Psst, wanna Photoshop?

Social media groups updates… please think!

The various Facebook and LinkedIn groups for designers which are meant for interaction and discussion have turned into a nightmarish place to visit with the majority of the posts being with requests for stolen software keys or what software will make me a designer. The closest comparison I can make is rephrasing as is if talking to a craftsman cabinet maker…

What software do I use to design a logo?
What tool do I use to build a table?

I know everyone has to start somewhere but surely use your initiative and the wider internet rather than a single Facebook group, it only turns into an argument!

I need a logo for $5...
I need a dining table for $5...

It is difficult when starting your own business putting budget aside for design but if you put a value on what you are doing, then value how you are perceived and what others can do for you.

Where can I get a Photoshop key?
Anyone know of a builder's van in which the tools are stored overnight?

Of course no-one from the software companies has access to the internet to see your posts so what could go wrong?

I could go on and yes, I know I usually do!

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