Visual Scribing… What is it?


Visual scribing… what is it?

As I’m travelling a lot since the turn of the year with scribing sessions, I thought it may be useful to explain what it is I’m doing because in nearly every case the work is for internal use and therefore not shareable.

Visual scribing, or graphic recording, is the process of listening, synthesising and using both words and images to visually capture ideas and discussions. It can be used for strategy sessions, brainstorming, planning, storytelling, presenting ideas, and much more.

Visual scribing can benefit your business in several ways:

It can enhance your communication and engagement.
Visual scribing can help you convey your information, and ideas clearly and effectively. This can help capture your audience's attention, interest, and curiosity, and make them want to learn more about the subject.

It can improve your collaboration and innovation.
Visual scribing can help you facilitate group discussions, brainstorming sessions, or workshops. It can also help you capture the key points, insights, or feedback from your participants. This can help you create a shared understanding, a common vision, or a collective solution for your business challenges or opportunities.

It can increase your visibility and recognition.
Visual scribing can help you create a distinctive and memorable visual identity for your business. It can also help you design a consistent and coherent visual style that reflects your brand, values, and personality. This can help you stand out from your competitors and build trust and loyalty with your customers.

These days it is usually done on an iPad and shared on-screen but occasionally I still work on boards or use the incredibly useful whiteboard sheets from Myndflo.

If you want to learn more about visual scribing and how it can help you grow your business, get in touch.

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